Client: DBT
Duration: 3 years

DBT was founded by entrepreneurs with the ambition of creating better growth opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises in Sweden. The target group comprises entrepreneurs in a growth phase and the network of advisors surrounding such entrepreneurs. DBT offers corporate loans in the amount of SEK 3–30 million at market interest rates with no hidden fees.

Sweden is falling behind in international lending indices, which will affect the Swedish economy in the longer term. Today, more than 30,000 companies risk closure due to the challenges of financing a generation shift and because it's considered trendier to start a new business than to buy an existing – and profitable – company.  These are attitudes that DBT wants to help to change!

Execution and outcome
The assignment has included strategic and brand-building PR, encompassing initiatives such as lunch seminars to talk about growth (#snackaomtillväxt in Swedish). Brand awareness among the target group has improved, and the number of participants has increased on each occasion since the start in 2018.

Photo: Tomorro'

editK has been an incredibly valuable partner in propelling the #snackaomtillväxt concept from idea to implementation. The team is proactive and forward-looking with a clearly shared focus on creating events of the highest quality.