The VagiVital Intimate Health Survey

Client: Peptonic Medical
Brand: VagiVital
Campaign:  The VagiVital Intimate Health Survey
Duration: 2020


Most women are affected by intimate health problems at some point in their lives, and many suffer unnecessarily. VagiVital's active gel is a hormone-free moisturising gel, developed by Swedish female researchers for women suffering from vaginal atrophy. The product's efficacy is clinically proven to help prevent and repair dry and thinning mucous membranes. VagiVital's mission is for all women to be able to enjoy excellent intimate health – throughout their lives. We entered a PR partnership in 2019. VagiVital wants research into vaginal health to become a priority area. In an effort to survey Swedish women's relationships to their vaginas, and to highlight the importance of vaginal health, the VagiVital Intimate Health Survey was developed, with journalists/media personalities Amelia Adamo and Ann Söderlund engaged as ambassadors.

The VagiVital Intimate Health Survey

The survey was conducted on 19–26 August 2020 among Swedish women aged 16–80. A total of 1,056 interviews were conducted and the response rate was 66 per cent. The survey was conducted via web interviews using a panel representative of Sweden randomly recruited by analysis and research company Novus.


Amelia Adamo has written for women of all ages and openly discussed the importance of vaginal health throughout her career in journalism. Ann Söderlund has several podcasts and social media channels through which she addresses important and sometimes sensitive issues in an outspoken manner that lends her followers a sense of recognition and breaks down barriers. We matched the core values and open communication shared by these two ambassadors with the VagiVital brand. A long-term partnership was initiated in the autumn of 2020 to put vaginal health on the agenda.

Execution and outcome

The assignment has included idea development, conceptualisation, project management, video production, influencer marketing, social media strategy and PR initiatives. The VagiVital Intimate Health Survey has its own landing page where you can download the report. Video material featuring ambassadors Amelia and Ann was produced and published in both the client's and the ambassadors' social media channels. The VagiVital Intimate Health Survey has been mentioned in the media in Q4 2020 and Q1 2021 and downloads from the landing page have exceeded expectations.

Our goal is to increase awareness of our brand and products as well as to create strong commitment to women's health. We engaged the PR agency editK, which is as passionate about women as we are. Just over a year into our partnership, we have completed several successful PR initiatives and are very pleased with our close collaboration. editK is full of ideas, flexible and truly delivers on point.